Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do you allow pets?
    No, we do not allow dogs or cats. Certain other pets and service animals are allowed. Please contact us for more information.
  2. What is included in the rent price quoted?
    The rent price quoted on our pricing page includes garbage via a dumpster at the end of the parking lot.
  3. What will I be responsible for paying?
    When you apply, you will be required to pay:
    • $50 nonrefundable application fee per applicant for whom we pull credit
    When you sign the lease, you will be required to pay:
    • $1000 security deposit
    • $200 nonrefundable administrative fee
    Monthly, you will be responsible for paying:
    • Monthly rent by the 1st of each month
    • $50 per month fixed fee for water and sewer
    • Electricity with Georgia Power
    • Natural gas (only applicable in 1.5 BA units)
    • Phone/Internet with Windstream if desired
  4. What are your requirements?
    We do a full application and check income, credit, background, rental history, and references. We look at what is on your credit report more so than your credit score.
  5. What is your lease duration?
    We do a 12 month lease. After that, the lease goes month-to-month.
  6. How many bedrooms does each unit have?
    Each unit has 2 bedrooms. We do not have any 3BR or 1BR units available at this time.
  7. How many square feet does each unit have?
    Each unit has approximately 996 square feet.
  8. What is your smoking policy?
    No smoking is allowed inside the buildings. Smoking outside is permitted, but you must be responsible and clean up your cigarette butts.
  9. Is there a laundry area?
    Yes, each unit has its own laundry room.
  10. Is a washer / dryer included?
    No, but there is a laundry room within each unit with washer and dryer hookups.
  11. What appliances are included?
    • Stove / Oven
    • Refrigerator
    • Built-in Microwave
    • Dishwasher
    • In-sink Garbage Disposal
  12. What is the average electric bill?
    The units are well-built and insulated properly. Many factors affect the monthly electric bill including settings on the thermostat, water heater, refrigerator, and how many electronic devices you use.
  13. Do you offer Wi-Fi?
    No, not at this time.
  14. Can I put lawn chairs in the yard?
    Yes, but we do not allow any permanent structures to be added, and we are not responsible for any lost or stolen items, including any items left outside.
  15. Do you have additional storage outside the units?
  16. Do you offer discounts for seniors or military?